In english

Have You ever heard of Finland? 
It's a northern land in Europe, a tiny land hanging from the Arctic Circle. Land of Santa Claus, land of beautiful snowy tundra views and thousands of frozen lakes. That's the land where Flyboard Team Finland is made in, and oh yes, that's why our team is so cool.

Flyboard Team Finland is a national flyboard team on it's way to the World Cup 2015 held in Dubai in December. Our operations run volunteerly and we are currently searching for sponsorships to help us practice in a little warmer waters during fall and early winter.

Our team

Miika Tourunen (selected via video selection)
Vadim Nekhaev

Kai Rusanen
Jan "Jaba" Baas

We'll be adding more info about us in english as soon as we get out of water: lakes and seas are at their warmest at the moment, so...